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Dear Christian Leader,


Now more than ever, the world needs powerful, healthy, Whole Hearted and women of God who live well, love deeply and lead boldly. They know they are called to have great impact in the lives of those around them and they desire to serve others with compassion and courage.


I am convinced that in this hour, God is releasing a clarion call for Christian men and women to Arise and Shine and become the leaders and influencers in every realm of society. Change is in the air and we need to be leading and releasing the culture of the Kingdom of God with clarity, purpose and intention. 


To fully become the best version of you, it will take consistent, intentional belief and action to heal and grow and become a Whole Hearted Leader. Investing time and resources in your own personal and professional growth and development will help you reach work/life balance and abundance.


Leadership isn't for the faint of heart. Great leaders are not just born but are made. They are refined in the fire of life and their hearts must undergo great transformation and healing. On the other side, greatness leaves a mark in the world and on the hearts of other men and women they have lead and mentored.


Become the Best Version of You as a Whole Hearted Leader and do it with INTENTION! And do it in COMMUNITY!


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What you will learn in this

Leadership Group Coaching Program:

  • How to Clarify Your Calling, Identity and Authority 

    Gain clarity and confidence in your calling, identity and authority and learn intentional ways to activate influence in one or more realms of society. We will create actionable goals and support your growth in your personal and professional life. 

  • How to Grow Grace for Yourself and Others

    While Improving Your People Skills

    Leaders will be equipped to know their Motivational Design Gift and that of those around them so they can grow in grace and find synergy in their relationships, both at work and at home. We will actively practice healthy communication and conflict resolution skills in a safe community. Improve your ability to live unoffendable and release forgiveness quickly and thoroughly as well as targeting reconciliation of relationships.

  • How to Heal Your Heart and Keep It Whole

    Gain new strategies from various inner healing models and Kingdom-aligned psychology so that you grow in maturity and resilience. These tools will help you become whole hearted but also will equip you to serve others to help them as well.

  • How to Maintain the Mind of Christ

    We know we must renew the mind constantly and align it with the Truth of God's Word so that we live from His mindset. We will actively address problem mindsets such as: the victim mindset, the poverty mindset and the orphan mindset and more. How we view ourselves, others and our circumstances must be filtered with how God views all of these things. We will be intentionally confronting and addressing areas of struggle so that we are overcomers and more than conquerors in Christ.

  • How to Develop the Character of Christ

     To become a great leader, there are qualities that must be developed and skills that must be learned. But the most important foundation to developing a leader is the formation of holy character. The fruit of the Spirit is grown in the soil of adversity. We will actively pursue the fruit of the Spirit and learn how to be tested and refined in the fire of life. 

  • How to Live Naturally Supernatural in the Kingdom of God

     Kingdom citizens are called to go about the Father's business just as Jesus did. You will be activated and accelerated in your ability to hear God, grow in the gifts of the Spirit and minister to others as you lead boldly everywhere you go. 

  • How to Launch or Scale Your Business and/or Ministry

    Whether you are wanting to start a business but have no idea where to begin or you are established in business and you want to see it grow, you will coached step by step in advancing in your assignment in work or ministry.

The Whole Hearted Leadership Academy

A 12 Week Group Coaching and Mentoring Program for Kingdom Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers

Here's what you will receive:

  • 12 Weekly Group Coaching Trainings and Hotseats ($4997 Value)

    There will be 12 weekly LIVE group coaching calls to equip you for success in becoming a Whole Hearted Leader who can live well, love deeply and lead boldly. We will discuss various topics on healing the heart, renewing the mind, having a Kingdom mindset and improving relationships. We will focus on practical strategies that will stretch and grow you in each of the 4 areas of life: Faith, Family, Fitness (mental/emotional/physical) and Finance. Hot-seats will also be available for those who would like to receive live coaching. Each session will be recorded and loaded into the exclusive membership site. 

  • 12 Weekly Office Hours for Q&A/Laser Coaching ($4997 Value)

    Every week Coach Cindy will personally be available for Q&A regarding the weekly training topics or on any issue you need help with. These will be on Zoom Meeting and recorded to be uploaded into the membership site. 

  • 12 MONTHS of Access to an Exclusive Fully-Loaded Membership Vault PLUS a Private Facebook Community Group ($997 Value)

    Our program will mostly be live via Zoom and recorded so all sessions will be uploaded into an exclusive and private Members Only membership site. You will also receive unique login to a portal that contains several other bonuses as well! A private Facebook Community Group will also be included for Members Only to share and strategize and network together during this 12 week month journey!

PLUS THESE BONUSES(and more) are loaded in the vault!

  • Motivated By Design

    Get the E-Course of 8+ hours of training on discovering your Motivational Design Gift.

    ($497 Value)

  • Dan Mohler Conference

    5 audio sessions recorded from a conference we hosted with Dan Mohler at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX. ($50 Value)

  • Basic Prophetic Ministry Training 101

    5 audio training sessions by Cindy Hatcher on basic training for prophetic ministry. 

    ($50 Value)

  • Kingdom Wisdom

    Special teaching from Dubb Alexander of Kingdom Reformers. ($25 Value)

  • Surprise Sithole

    Special teaching from Surprise Sithole at a conference held at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, Tx. ($30 Value)

  • Journey of a Prophet

    Get the 8 week course on how to discern the calling of the office of a prophet and the steps to journey well. ($297 Value)

  • Living Free Conference with Pat and Jim Banks

    Conference trainings on Living Free from friends Pat and Jim Banks of House of Healing Ministries.

    ($47 Value)

  • MBD Guidebook

    Get the companion Motivational Design Gift Guidebook that reviews all 7 of the gifts.

    ($25 Value)

  • Intro to Prophetic Ministry (Hearing God)

    2 audio trainings from Cindy Hatcher on how to hear God and activate in prophetic ministry.

    ($25 Value)

  • Supernatural Healing 101

    A complete study in ministering divine healing with Cindy Hatcher

    ($50 Value)

  • Evangelism with Ritchie Seltzer

    Evangelism and street outreach training from Evangelist Ritchie Seltzer. Recorded during #LoveNewBraunfels outreach directed by Cindy Hatcher at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX.

    ($30 Value)

  • JOP Interview Bundle

    Over 17 hours of interviews with guest speakers who hold a five-fold office gift. They share their personal journeys of growth and maturity and share wisdom on how to do it well. ($147 Value)

  • Trauma Release Conference with Pat and Jim Banks

    Trainings from Pat and Jim Banks of House of Healing Ministries at our Trauma Release Conference.($30 Value)

  • Be Transformed Mp3

    An audio training by Cindy Hatcher on how to Be Transformed into the image of Christ. Recorded at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX. ($25 Value)

  • Trauma Prayer

    An audio recording of an extended trauma prayer by my friend Jim Baker of House of Healing Ministries. Recorded at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX. ($25 Value)

  • Becoming Love

    5 session audio training by Cindy Hatcher on Becoming Love. Recorded at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX. ($50 Value)

  • Kingdom Character

    10 session audio training by Cindy Hatcher on developing Kingdom Character. Recorded at Transform, Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX. ($97 Value)

  • Ministering Deliverance by Rodney Hogue

    3 session audio training by Rodney Hogue on Ministering Deliverance. Recorded at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX. ($30 Value)

  • Kingdom First with Jack Taylor

    Conference session audio trainings by Jack Taylor. Recorded at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX.

    ($30 Value)



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Meet Your Coach:

Cindy Hatcher

Cindy Hatcher is a multi-passionate Kingdom Entrepreneur who loves to help leaders “Live Well, Love Deeply and Lead Boldly” in their spheres of influence.


Cindy graduated from Hardin-Simmons University with a Masters in Family Psychology in 1998. She owns and operates a private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist where she works with individuals, couples, and families, specializing in relationship issues, eating disorders/addiction and trauma recovery. She has previously served as a clinician and administrator in non-profit organizations, residential treatment centers and inpatient psychiatric care. She is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a Clinical Member of Christian Counselors of Texas.


Cindy is also a Certified 7 Mountain Professional Coach and the CEO and Founder of Revive Leadership International, LLC, which is a company that offers transformational leadership coaching, prophetic consulting, inner healing prayer ministry, courses, programs, masterminds and retreats that help leaders become Whole Hearted and succeed at work/life balance and abundance. Her desire is to help you reach your destiny and to live your best life in every area of life with personal and professional growth and development. She is a member of Christian Coaches Network International and is a Qualified HeartSync Facilitator. She is a founding member of Pedro Adao's 100X Acceleration and serves on the 100X Inner Healing Ministry Team, along with her sister Diana Bigham, as Co-Directors of the Inner Healing Department.


As a Spirit-filled Christian minister, Cindy is an apostolic prophet and revivalist trainer and loves to teach, equip and empower the Body of Christ. She loves to bring understanding regarding the gifts of the Holy Spirit and help others to know their full identity in Christ and to live their destiny in Him. She is particularly anointed in leading worship, impartation, prophetic ministry, divine healing, and bold faith.  With a heart for the nations, she has ministered internationally in such places as Thailand, Singapore and South Korea.  Cindy has previously been on staff with the Transformation School of Supernatural Ministry in Abilene, Texas, where she taught and lead ministry teams across the big country and the globe. She has been an active member of the local church and has held several leadership positions, including currently serving as Director of Transformation and Equipping Ministries and Worship Leader at Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX.


Cindy is happily married to her college sweetheart, Chris Hatcher. They have two amazing children and reside in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

Mechelle Salmon


City Councilwoman, Place 6

Bulverde, Texas

Cindy Hatcher is a leader of leaders. She stretches and inspires others to “dream… bigger.” She is committed to cultivating world changers while consistently holding each one accountable to his/her purposes. Cindy’s authenticity and deep inner-strength attracted me to The Whole Hearted Leader Community. Without a doubt, Cindy’s mentorship ranks in the top three things that have impacted me personally, professionally and spiritually. She provides a safe place for leaders to become transparent and vulnerable in times of uncertainty. Cindy is genuinely interested in my success. I highly recommend her to anyone committed to expanding their capacity in every area of life.

Sammy Chon

ClaimNinja Public Adjuster

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I made an investment to schedule a session with Cindy! It was such a powerful time. Cindy was so sensitive and skilled in her approach. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! If you are not sure about engaging with Cindy, you are crazy! She is the BEST!

Jeannie Nobles

Certified Health Coach

Administrator of Living Water Healing Center

Spring Branch, Texas

Cindy's mastermind group has been monumental to my growth, both personally and professionally. I have had some "Ah ha!" moments as things are discussed, bringing solutions to problems that were hindering my success. It has made such an impact on my ability to resolve things in a way I had not considered previously. I am so thankful she is teaching me to think outside my box.






Amy Alexander

Home-based Entrepreneur

Mountain Home, Idaho

I trust Cindy to bring an in-depth knowledge of not only the field of psychology and counseling; but, of scripture and the supernatural. Her ability to clearly articulate a lesson and give personal examples of each are invaluable. I highly recommend any of her leadership courses or podcasts.

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Because the world needs leaders who are healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. Leadership carries great responsibility and influence and their decisions impact others.


If you are a leader who is tired, stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out, or maybe you feel stuck in trial and error mode and tired of wondering how long it will take to reach your dream life, now is the time to join The Whole Hearted Leader Academy Group Coaching Program!

We are dedicated to helping you become the best version of you.

Revive Leadership International, LLC is a company that exists to help leaders grow and develop personally and professionally in every area of their life: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and relationally. We believe leaders have the ability to influence others and create massive impact in the world today. We do our part to help by offering coaching, consulting, training and equipping on a individual or corporate basis. 

Cindy Hatcher, LPC, LMFT and CEO and Founder of Revive Leadership Int'l

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